KernelCI project organization

The KernelCI Linux Foundation project is composed of an Advisory Board with representatives from all the member organizations as well as a Technical Steering Committee. A number of working groups are also focusing on particular areas of the project.

Mission Statement

To ensure the quality, stability and long-term maintenance of the Linux kernel by maintaining an open ecosystem around test automation practices and principles.

Objective: Maintainer buy-in

Drive for adoption of the project as an integral part of the Linux kernel development workflow by Linux kernel maintainers.

Key Results

  • Maintainers require basic CI to pass before reviewing/accepting/merging
  • Maintainers require test cases for acceptance of new features running in CI

Objective: Broad adoption

Promote participation from and adoption by kernel developers, and hardware manufacturers to use and improve the ecosystem.

Key Results

  • Kernel developer community becomes dependent on good automation and CI
  • Hardware manufacturers depend on KernelCI for production kernel quality
  • Downstream kernels depend on upstream testing by KernelCI

Objective: Community collaboration

Join forces with existing testing projects and work towards a shared set of tooling and infrastructure.

Key Results

  • Consolidated email reports going to kernel community: “one report to rule them all”
  • Maintain a shared reporting and visualization service ( for upstream kernel testing
  • Maintain a shared set of code and tools available for use by derivative projects

Objective: Membership growth

In order to achieve the mission and objectives, funding is needed. Funding comes primarily from project membership dues through the Linux Foundation.

Key Results

  • Highlight member technologies
  • New members: 1-2 per year
  • Available funding for on-going project management, software development, infrastructure, support and community engagement initiatives

Project Documentation

These are the main documents defining how the project works:

Funding Charter

Thank you for your interest in joining the KernelCI Initiative (the “Directed Fund”), a directed fund project of The Linux Foundation (the “LF”). The purpose of the Directed Fund is to raise, budget and spend funds in support of the KernelCI Project a Series of LF Projects, LLC (the “Technical Project”), an open source project and individual series of LF Projects, LLC, a Delaware series limited liability company. The governance for the Directed Fund will operate pursuant to the Directed Fund Charter (the “Charter”), set forth as Exhibit B, and as amended in the future by the Governing Board with the approval of the LF. Please note that you must be a member of the LF to be eligible to participate as a member of the Directed Fund. For further information, visit the Corporate Membership page at the LF web site.


Technical Charter

This charter (the “Charter”) sets forth the responsibilities and procedures for technical contribution to, and oversight of, the KernelCI Project, which has been established as KernelCI Project a Series of LF Projects, LLC (the “Project”). LF Projects, LLC (“LF Projects”) is a Delaware series limited liability company. All Contributors to the Project must comply with the terms of this Charter.



Member companies who fund the KernelCI project

Advisory Board

Representatives from each member organization

Technical Steering Committee

KernelCI core developers and maintainers

Working groups

KernelCI Working Groups


KernelCI maintainers

Last modified September 3, 2021