Developer guide

Setting up for KCIDB development


If you want to hack on the source code, install the package in the editable mode with the -e/--editable option, and with “dev” extra included. E.g.:

pip3 install --user --editable '.[dev]'

The latter installs kcidb executables which use the modules from the source directory, and changes to them will be reflected immediately without the need to reinstall. It also installs extra development tools, such as flake8 and pylint.

Then make sure your PATH includes the ~/.local/bin directory, e.g. with:

export PATH="$PATH":~/.local/bin


Before releasing make sure the documentation files are up to date.

To make a release tag the release commit with v<NUMBER>, where <NUMBER> is the next release number, e.g. v3. The very next commit after the tag should update the version number in to be the next one. I.e. continuing the above example, it should be 4.

Last modified November 18, 2021